Seattle Taximeter Rates

Seattle King County Taximeter Rates

Taximeter rates are regulated and exactly the same for all taxi companies in Seattle and King County areas. These rates should be posted clearly in the cabs but are noted below if you have any questions on them. You can estimate your fare by multiplying the ‘Mileage’ rate by number of miles and adding the ‘Meter Drop’ rate of $2.50. Keep in mind that this is only an estimate as extras and waiting times will adjust your final fare fee.

Meter Drop: $2.50
Mileage: $2.50 per mile
Waiting Time: $0.50 per minute (sucks if traveling in heavy traffic)
Extras: $0.50 (applies to each passenger over 2, not including minors)

There is a $32.00 Flat Rate in effect for trips from the Downtown Seattle hotel district to SeaTac Airport which applies to all taxicabs that operate in Seattle. See the map below for the Downtown Seattle hotel district area to ensure you are in this zone to get the flat rate.

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