Airport and Hotel Tipping

When you are using services like a cab or skycap at the airport or a bellhop at your hotel it is expected that you provide them an appropriate tip. Here is a quick guide on what is a correct tip for each one of these types of hospitality services at the airport and hotels.:

Skycap or Airport Porter -  This person will do an express check-in for you at the curbside if you are running late or will collect all of your bags at baggage claim to help you out to curb side or your vehicle. The best practice here is at minimum $2 per bag and if you arrive late to the airport and they help you get check-in quickly then $10-$20 does the job to keep them happy and motivated to serve you. They are generally like bartenders and will remember you next time if you are a frequent traveler.

Wheelchair Assistance – This handler will assist you to and from your gate with your luggage. You will usually need to call ahead to arrange a handler to be available to assist you. The appropriate tip for them is $5.00 and $1-2 for each piece of luggage you have. If you are at a far gate in the terminal then you should adjust your tip accordingly as they will be working a little more then normal.

Tax Cab Drivers – This is another expected tip in the service industry. General best practice is 10-15% based on customer service and if your cab driver has provided you with any travel tips, local stories or general conversation during your cab trip. I usually base my tip on whether the driver gets out of the car to help you with your luggage or not and generally tip more on the 15% side.

Hotel Bellhop – The bellhop will offer to assist you with your bags upon arrival to a hotel. They will round up your luggage and put it on a trolley and deliver it directly to your room. I generally set the tip here at a $5 minimum or $2 for your first bag and $1 for each additional one. Most nicer hotels have this service and sometimes it is nice to not have to cart your bags all over the hotel lobby and hallways upon arrival.

The Doorman – He is your source to catching or hailing a cab if you are in a hurry to get back to the airport or around town. They don’t expect much and I tip from $2-5 depending on how nice the hotel is that I am staying at. These guys can give you really good recommendations for restaurants and night activities.


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